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The SAFFiRE Edge
Ethanol Producers

The SAFFiRE Edge
Adding a SAFFiRE Plant at Your Ethanol Facility  

Ultralow CI Score: Our SAF technology, combined the LanzaJet ATJ process is projected to result in a CI score of 15. With sequestration of fermentation CO2 and use of renewable energy in the SAFFiRE and AtJ plants, the estimated CI is projected to drop to -30.

Reduce Operating Costs: The SAFFiRE plants are designed to be co-located with first generation ethanol plants to reduce the capital needed to build a plant and operating costs.


Produce Fuel to Meet Net Zero GHG Emissions: Don’t be left behind. The global aviation industry seeks to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. SAFFiRE allows current ethanol facilities to help meet the 35 billion gallons of low carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) required to be produced within the U.S. and approximately 200 billion gallons/year of SAF required globally.


Abundant Feedstock: For each pound of corn produced, the plant also produces about one pound of corn stover. Approximately 50% of the corn stover can be sustainably removed from the field, on average 200 million tons of corn stover is available as feedstock for SAF production each year. Using SAFFiRE and AtJ technologies, 10 billion gallons/year of SAF could be produced from corn stover.


Pretreatment Issues Solved: Using NREL’s patent pending alkaline DMR pretreatment process, SAFFiRE eliminates the operational and capex challenges of dilute acid pretreatment.

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