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What we do

Ultralow Carbon SAF is Needed Now

The U.S. aviation industry needs 3 billion gallons of SAF by 2030,
12 billion gallons of SAF by 2035 and 35 billion gallons of SAF per year by the year 2050. 
SAFFiRE Renewables provides a cutting-edge technology for the production of ethanol which is then converted into ultra-low carbon SAF. SAFFiRE Renewables is also cost-effectively added to existing ethanol facilities, thereby leveraging existing infrastructure.

With Southwest Airlines and D3MAX as primary investors, the SAFFiRE name stands for Sustainable Aviation Fuel From Renewable Ethanol.  SAFFiRE is an innovative technology company focused on producing ethanol from corn stover to be used to create ultralow carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and presents a major opportunity for the ethanol industry to participate in the growth of the SAF industry. In addition, the SAF produced, utilizing the SAFFiRE technology, can easily become carbon negative by adding process improvements and carbon capture. The process to build a pilot plant has started with the support from Southwest Airlines, D3MAX, NREL and the U.S. Department of Energy. The first commercial-scale SAFFiRE project is projected to start construction in 2027.


Our Vision

To protect the environment for future generations using sustainable and renewable fuel sources.


We lower GHG emmission through proven technology, innovation, and collaboration by producing sustainable aviation fuel utilized throughout the world.

Our Core Values









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